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ACI Marina Trogir – Trogir

ACI Marina Trogir – Trogir

Embark on a sailing odyssey along the stunning Dalmatian coast, where ACI Marina Trogir and the historic town of Trogir weave together a tale of maritime excellence and cultural splendor. As an Austrian yacht charter company, we extend an invitation to explore the allure of ACI Marina Trogir, the enchantment of Trogir, and discover why choosing us ensures an unparalleled sailing holiday amid the azure waters of the Adriatic.

ACI Marina Trogir is located opposite the old town on the north coast of the island of Ciovo. To avoid confusion, it is good to know that the ACI Marina is located directly behind the SCT Marina. The Ina gas station is a good guide here. It is located at the western end of the ACI Marina and marks the transition to the SCT Marina.

In 2017, in the course of the "Tourist Flower - Quality for Croatia" campaign, the marina received 3rd place in the category "Best small marina on the Adriatic".

This is equipped with a reception, water and electricity connection, ATM, fitness center, gastronomy, shopping facilities, sanitary facilities, laundry, service workshop, crane (up to 10 t), parking lot. With its historic old town, Trogir has many interesting places and sights to offer.

The numerous beaches and bays in and around Trogir invite you to walk and relax. If that's not enough for you, you can find interesting excursion destinations in the area such as e.g. B. the towns of Split, Makarska, Primosten and the Krka National Park.

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